08:00 AM
Team ON-1 U14 Nepean Ravens
Team NB-2 U14-Robichaud
08:30 AM
Team PE-1 U14 WAVE
Team QC-2 U14-Valkyries de Ste-Marie
09:15 AM
Team QC-1 - U16 Rockets Roussillon
Team ON U16
09:45 AM
Team NB U19
Team QC
10:30 AM
Team NB 18+
Team Quebec 18+
11:00 AM
Team NB-2 U14-Robichaud
Team QC-2 U14-Valkyries de Ste-Marie
12:00 PM
Team ON-1 U14 Nepean Ravens
Team PE-1 U14 WAVE
12:30 PM
Team QC-1 - U16 Rockets Roussillon
Team NB U16A
01:30 PM
Team NB U19
Team ON U19
02:00 PM
Team NB 18+
Team ON 18+



1.1. Participation in the ECRC’s is open to all Full Members of Ringette Canada

1.2. The provinces of Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland/Labrador will have representative teams.

1.3. The ECRC’s shall be held for females in the U14 AA, U16 A, U19 A and 18+ A divisions. Each province can send two (2) teams in the U14 AA division and one (1) team in the other age divisions.

1.4. Provinces participating in the ECRC’s are expected to declare whether they expect to send a team by December 1st.

1.5. By September 30th each participating province will communicate to the host committee the name of an individual from their provincial body to approve various decisions of event preparation, ensuring fair decision as outlined further in this document.

1.6. All teams participating in the ECRC’s shall have a maximum of twenty-two (22) players and no less than seven (7) players registered. Only eighteen (18) shall be permitted on the bench in any given game.  No pickups will be allowed unless the team has less than thirteen (13) skaters or only one (1) goalie.  All pickups must be from the same association.

1.7. Any player participating in the Canadian Ringette Championships is ineligible to play in the ECRC’s in the same playing season.

1.8. Only fully dressed players are allowed on the bench.

1.9. No individual(s) under the age of 9 may be on the bench during the ECRC’s except for:

1.9.1. Hostess as so designated and so identified by the Host Committee for ECRC’s.

1.10. Any team staff member or player entering the  ECRC’s under suspension by their provincial sport governing body or Ringette Canada, or suspended during the course of the event, will not be permitted to direct any member team during any game, carry out any official duty on behalf of any member team, be in or about the dressing room or bench area before, during or after any game by any member team, or situated anywhere in the arena in a position to direct any member team for the duration of the suspension.

1.11. Any team staff member or player who violates the terms of their suspension as outlined above will be reported to the President of their respective provincial sport governing body for further discipline.



2.1. The provincial representative and host team(s) shall be eligible to participate in the ECRC’s upon verification by their respective governing body.



3.1. Section of the provincial representative team shall be left to the discretion of the province.

3.2. In the U16, U19 and 18+ Divisions the host community will be allowed to enter a host team if only five Provinces participate.  If the provincial championship team is from the host community, the province may enter another team (e.g. runner up) as the provincial team and as a full participating team.

3.3. If a province cannot provide a team in a division, then its spot opens up to be filled by another province. If more than one province can fill the open spot, a draw will determine the replacement team. 



4.1. Teams participating in the ECRC’s must have their team roster submitted through the provincial association to the host Province within seven (7) days following their provincial championships or team selection date.

4.2. Within one (1) week of determining their teams, a “chef de mission” is to be communicated to the host chair and committee by the provinces.

4.3. Teams wishing an extension of the deadline must submit such a request in writing to the host Province before this date.

4.4. Entry fees for all teams entered in the ECRC’s must be paid to the Host Committee by March 5th of that playing season. Any teams withdrawing after this date will forfeit the entry fee. No entry will be accepted after March 5th.

4.5. When the host community identifies a host hotel, participating teams must use the hotel. Teams not staying at the host hotel will have a surcharge of $400 added to the team entry fee.

4.6. In order to participate in the ECRC’s, all team staff must be registered with their province by January 8th.

4.7. To participate in the ECRC’s, eligible teams and players must be registered with their provinces by January 30th.

4.8. All changes made to the official roster (players, coaching staff) must be sent in writing to the organizing committee office by the provincial association requesting the change. 




5.1. The Eastern Canadian Championships will alternate locations between the six provinces:

  • 2024 - PEI   2029 - PEI   2034 - PEI
  • 2025 - QC   2030 - QC   2035 - QC
  • 2026 - ON   2031 - ON   2036 - ON
  • 2027 - NS   2032 - NS   2037 - NS 

5.2. The scheduled host province must confirm their intent to run the event to the Eastern Province Presidents or delegates. The ECRC’s meeting is scheduled during the Annual General Meeting of Ringette Canada.

5.3. The final site selection shall be determined by the Host Provincial Association.

5.4. The committee formed by volunteers from the hosting centre shall be known as the Eastern Canadian Ringette Championships Host Committee. The hosting centre shall establish its relationship with its provincial association.

5.5. The ECRC’s will be held by the third weekend in April, with preference given to the first ten days of the month. Special consideration should be made to the CRC’s and their location and timing. When an Eastern CRC’s is being held, the ECRC’s should be timed to allow families to attend both.



6.1. The chairperson of the ECRC’s shall report to the Executive Director or designate of the respective host province and to the Eastern Province Presidents



7.1. Be responsible for overseeing the ECRC’s and liaise with the Host Committee Chairperson.

7.2. Represent Eastern Provinces and co-ordinate Host activities.

7.3. Ensure that the hosting centre adheres to the Policies established by the Eastern Provinces.

7.4. Ensure that the host centre is properly prepared to host the ECRC’s, and that preparations are in keeping with the objectives, goals and philosophy of Ringette.

7.5. Provide at the earliest possible time the following information to the host committee:

7.5.1. Players lists of all participating teams.

7.5.2. Game sheets

7.5.3. Results sheets for display in arena

7.5.4. Representatives and officials

7.5.5. Receive written reports from the host committee.



8.1. Be responsible for developing the event and acquiring approval for the activities from the Executive Director/designate.

8.2. Be responsible for reporting regularly to the Executive Director/designate with regards to the progress of the ECRC’s

8.3. Be responsible for reserving all facilities (tournament site, hotels, etc.)

8.4. Appoint a Chair to each committee.

8.5. Conduct committee meetings at their discretion, and

8.6. Submit minutes of meetings to the Executive Director/designate.

8.7. Prepare a time schedule that the various committees must follow.

8.8. Conduct a review of the budget with each committee Chair before submitting it to the host provincial body for approval.

8.9. Submit a draft budget by December 1st to the Executive Director/delegate of the hosting province. No attendance fees (door fees/admission) are to be charged at the ECRC’s.

8.10. Approach all possible people in the host province and community for financial assistance (e.g. sponsors) provincial and municipal government etc. (not federal government).

8.11. Invite Eastern provincial and local dignitaries to the event, be responsible for coordinating the opening and closing ceremonies, provide the Executive Director/designate and provincial associations with information letters keeping them posted on recent developments.



9.1. Ratify the site selection of the host community as presented by the hosting province.

9.2. Obtain gold, silver and bronze medallions, and present participation awards to all teams. Host Province will be responsible for all awards and their presentation.

9.3. Attend the ECRC’s to assist the hosting centre.

9.4. A member from the Host Province’s Executive Committee or designate shall chair the Protest and Grievance Committee

9.5. Ensure that the technical requirements for the ECRC’s are outlined, available to the host committee, and carried out through the event.

9.6. Prepare the draw and deal with inquiries related to the schedule.

9.7. Work with and assist the Executive Director/designate prior to, during, and after the ECRC’s to ensure that the event runs smoothly.

9.8. Be an ex-officio member of the Protest and Grievance Committee



10.1. The schedule for the ECRC’s will be prepared by the Host Provincial office in conjunction with a named representative from each Eastern provincial office. A draft schedule will be circulated by January 30th.

10.2. Where possible, no team will be required to play more than 2 games per day. Games will not start before 8 a.m. There will be no U14 game scheduled after 9:00 p.m.

10.3. The championships will be conducted using a round robin format. 



11.1. When two (2) or more teams have an equal number of points after the completion of the round robin games, the highest of the tied teams will be determined in the following order and considering the “Official Score” of the tied games.

11.1.1. The winner of more game(s) between each other during the round robin will be declared the highest position,

11.1.2. If still tied, the team having the greatest positive difference between goals for and against in games between the tied teams in the round robin will be declared the highest position.

11.1.3. If still tied, the team having the least total goals against in games between the tied teams during the round robin will be declared the highest position.

11.2. The teams with the HIGHEST resulting number will be declared the highest position:

11.2.1. If still tied, the team having the greatest positive difference between goals for and against in all games during the round robin will be declared the highest position.

11.3. If still tied, the tied team with the least total goals against in all games during the round robin will be declared the highest position.

11.4. Important Notes:

11.4.1. These shall be followed in sequence until the tie is broken (i.e. one team is eliminated from the tie). Once one (1) team is eliminated from the tied, the procedure reverts back to (1).

11.4.2. This procedure, in most cases, will declare the LOWEST position between tied teams, and that team shall be dropped from the tie breaking procedure (e.g. the top two teams remain tied). In these cases, the procedure shall also revert to (1) in order to break the tie between those teams, which remain tied.

11.4.3. In all cases, the maximum difference (spread) between goals for and against in each game is seven (7) goals. This is the “Official Score”.


12.1. The following will be in effect:

12.1.1. Official Game Reports must be signed by ALL registered team staff a minimum of 20 minutes prior to scheduled game time, Captains (C’s), Alternate Captains (A’s), as appropriate, the starting goalkeeper (G) and alternate goalkeeper (AG) must be indicated in writing on the Official Game Report prior to the start of the game. Errors on signed Reports shall be the responsibility of that team.

12.1.2. All uniform numbers must coincide with those on the team roster form (except in cases of unforeseen circumstances) and the Official Game Report, except in the case of colour conflict and mandatory sweater change. Each player shall have her own number and there shall be no duplication of numbers on any one team. Uniforms not complying with the Officials Rules and Tournament Rules will not be permitted for use.

12.1.3. In the event of unforeseen circumstances that affect a team’s ability to start their game within 15 minutes of the scheduled start time, the Tournament Director of Officials, together with at least two members of the Protest, Grievance and Discipline Committee, shall make a decision to default or to reschedule, based on the circumstances.

12.1.4. Teams will be given a minimum three (3) minute on-ice warm up prior to each game. This three (3) minute warm-up may start at the scheduled game time or upon completion of ice resurfacing, whichever is latest. Teams will only be permitted on the playing surface a maximum of five (5) minutes prior to the scheduled or rescheduled game time.

12.1.5. To maintain the privilege of choice of goal areas to defend to being a game, the Home team starting goalkeeper must, upon entering the ice surface for the pre-game warm-up, proceed immediately to the goal area that team wishes to defend.

12.1.6. A one (1) minute intermission will be given between periods of play.

12.1.7. The maximum spread between goals for and against (visible on the scoreboard, used in goal and assist statistics, used in tie breaking, and posted/released as the “official score”) will be seven (7).



13.1. Ringette Canada Official Rules apply and shot clocks will be used for all ECRC’s.

13.1.1. All skaters must wear full-length pants. Pant suspenders/belts must be secured (i.e. ends taped or tucked in).

13.1.2. In the case of uniform sweater colour conflict and mandatory sweater change, between teams that are not provincial representative teams the visiting team will be required to change uniform sweaters.  If there is a conflict of colours between a provincial representative team and a team that is not, the non-representative team must arrange for uniforms with non-conflicting colours, or wear the extra sweaters supplied.

13.1.3. The following models of sticks with the aluminum tip in place are not permitted for use during the event: Stinger 1000, 1001, 5000 and Bunny Itech R2000.  Each stick must be a uniform colour within itself, with exceptions only to brand names, player’s names and manufactured tips.  Any stick with an aluminums tip in place must have the model-number clearly visible and not obscured in any way (e.g. by tape or paint).  In the case of composite sticks, which employ more than one material in their construction, only shafts and tops specifically manufactured for each other are considered legal for use.

13.1.4. All helmets and facial protectors must be CSA approved, have that approval clearly indicated, be compatible and have all straps affixed.  Facial protectors worn by skaters must be Type 5 or Type 6. Goalkeepers must wear either Type III (goaltender specific combination helmet and wire cage) or Type 5 or Type 6 protector. BNQ approved neck protectors, with the BNQ logo clearly visible, are mandatory for all players. 

13.1.5. Gloves that expose the dorsal aspect (i.e. underside) of the wrist to the risk of injury from skates (e.g. lacrosse gloves with the cuff lacing removed or excessively loose) will not be permitted in play.

13.1.6. The starting goalkeeper (G) and one alternate goalkeeper (AG, dressed as such or not) must be indicated on the Official Game Report prior to the start of the game.  The player marked as “G” must start the game in goal and is limited to the position of goalkeeper for the duration of the game, the player marked as “AG” is the only player eligible to replace the goalkeeper (to tend goal). EXCEPTION: Should both the “G” and “AG” be injured, another player could be dressed as a goalkeeper. The player marked as “AG” may participate in the game as a skater prior to participating as a goalkeeper, after which time her participation is limited to the position of goalkeeper.  Should transfer of goalkeeping equipment currently in play by necessary, other than in the case of injury to the player playing goal or during the “intermission” between periods, a delay of game penalty will be assessed to that team.

13.1.7. Teams will be assessed delay of game penalties for unnecessary delays during stoppages in play.  There will only be one line change allowed per team during each stoppage in play.

13.1.8. Should a player or team staff member be assessed a Misconduct penalty during a Misconduct penalty be assessed after a game, the resulting one (1) game suspension will apply to that team’s next scheduled game in the tournament. Should a player or team member be assessed a Match penalty during a game, that individual will be ejected from the remainder of that game and will be suspended for a minimum of one (1) game. The resulting game suspension(s) will apply to that team’s next scheduled game(s) in the tournament. Should a Match penalty be assessed after a game (i.e. at its official completion or following the ejection of that individual from that game), the resulting game suspensions will apply to a minimum of that team’s next two (2) scheduled games in the tournament.  Minimum suspension guidelines as outlined in Section 21 of the current Ringette Canada Policy Manual (see section 12 of Technical Package) are in effect.

13.1.9. Any team staff member or player entering the  ECRC’s  under suspension by his/her provincial sport governing body or Ringette Canada, or suspended during the course of the event, will not be permitted to direct any member team during any game, carry out any official duty on behalf of any member team, be in or about the dressing room or bench area before, during or after any game played by any member team, or situated anywhere in the arena in a position to direct any member team for the duration of his/her suspension.

13.1.10. Any team staff member or player who violates the terms of his/her suspension as outlined above will be reported to the President of his/her respective provincial sport governing body for further discipline. 



14.1. Each province shall send three (3) officials from their area. Provinces who may not be able to meet this commitment must notify the Host Province by December 31st. The officials’ travel expenses to and from the event are the responsibility of their provincial governing body. Provinces are to submit their names to the host province by March 1st. This event is an opportunity to reward officials with the steps involved in the selection (ranking) process is as follows:

14.1.1. For U14AA, U16 A and U19 A divisions, the officials must hold a minimum rank of 3C, 3B recommended, and be in good standing with both the provincial association and Ringette Canada

14.1.2. For 18+ divisions, the officials must hold a minimum rank of 3B, 3A recommended, and be in good standing with both the provincial association and Ringette Canada.

14.2. The Officiating Chair shall be responsible for identifying qualified officials, supervisors, arranging for their attendance, and assigning them to games.  The Officiating Chair must be an evaluator of at least the Regional level. Each on-ice official will be expected to officiate a maximum of four (4) games per full day of the event.

14.3. Each province shall send one (1) qualified Officials Supervisor. The host shall send one additional Officials Supervisor. PSO’s who may not be able to meet this commitment, must notify the Host Province prior to February 1st.

14.3.1. An Officials Supervisor is required for each ice surface being utilized by the event.

14.3.2. At minimum, one supervisor MUST hold their Provincial Evaluators certification.



15.1. There shall be not more than five (5) team staff permitted to occupy the player’s bench. Team staff positions shall include and be limited to those of coach, assistant coach, manager, and trainer. Individuals shall be registered as a team staff on only one team roster.

15.2. The minimum certification required for each Team Staff position shall be as follows:

15.2.1. Coach/Assistant Coach - must be fully qualified at the level required by their provincial association for that age division and level of play in their provincial championships.

15.2.2. Manager - successful completion of Ringette Canada’s Manager’s Certification Program.

15.2.3. Trainer - current certification in one or more of the following Medical Doctor/Student Fireman Registered Nurse Ambulance Training Athletic Therapy Equivalency for any certified first aid course, seven (7) hours or more in duration, which includes the following content: Principal of First Aid and Safety Artificial Respiration Wounds and Bleeding Shock, Unconsciousness and Fainting Fractures Head and Spinal Injuries Joint Injuries Medical Conditions (diabetes, asthma, etc.)

15.3. For equivalency, course content must be submitted to Ringette Canada for approval.

15.4. Team staff must include a minimum of one (1) coach and may include a maximum of one (1) manager and one (1) trainer. Teams must have a female eighteen (18) years of age and older as a member of the team staff. No member of the Team Staff may be listed on the Official Game Report as a player.

15.5. All Team Staff for the ECRC’s must be fully registered with Ringette Canada as indicated in the team rosters and entry fees section of Chapter 17 of the current Ringette Canada By-Laws and Policy Manual.



16.1. There will be a minimum of five (5) teams per division entered into the ECRC’s. The format is a full round robin, wherein each team plays every other team (in their age division). At the end of the round robin, teams will be ranked first to last. The playoff format will see first place team given a bye to the gold medal game.  Second and third place will play with the winner advancing to the gold medal game and the loser receiving the bronze medal.

16.2. The U14 Division will see teams divided into 2 pools with no more than three (3) provincial winners in one pool. No province will have two (2) teams in the same pool. At the conclusion of round robin play the top two (2) teams from each pool will crossover for the playoffs.



17.1. In the U14, U16 and U19 divisions each game will consist of two (2) fifteen (15) minute stop time periods.

17.2. In the 18+ division each game will consist of two (2) seventeen (17) minute stop time periods.

17.3. In a game with a seven (7) goal or greater differential, the second period will be conducted in running time. If the goal differential becomes six (6) goals or less again, the game reverts to stop time.



18.1. A tie game during round robin play will stand as is with no overtime period; however, during the playoffs (i.e. semis and finals) the game is to be played until a winner is declared.

18.2. If the score of a playoff game is tied at the end of regulation time, there will be one (1) overtime period, stop time, which will be sudden victory (i.e. the first team to score will be declared the winner).

18.3. If neither team scores during the first over time period, there will be successive sudden victory overtime periods until a goal is scored to break the tie.

18.4. Possession to start the first overtime period will be decided by the tossing of a coin by an on-ice official. The team winning the toss will get the free pass. The other team will get the choice of ends.

18.5. If additional overtime periods are required, possession of the ring for the opening free pass will alternate between teams. The teams will also exchange ends for each overtime period.



19.1. Teams receive two (2) points for a win, one-point (1) for a tie and zero (0) points for a loss. The team with the most points in each division will be declared the top team.



20.1. The host committee shall select a head statistician who shall be responsible for:

20.1.1. Selecting a committee to assist with the statistics.

20.1.2. Arranging for the use of a computer to prepare game sheets, process statistics and keeping current, verified statistics (e.g. scores, standings, penalties, leading scorers, etc.)  and ensuring that the arena results charts are kept current.



21.1.    The Protest, Grievance and Discipline Committee for the ECRC’s shall consist of three (3) people: the Chair of the Host Committee or designate (Chair), the Officiating Supervisor/Head Official or designate, the Hosting Province delegate and in case one of these is unavailable one (1) member at large appointed by the Chair.

21.2. The committee shall consider all appeals, protests, grievances and disciplinary matters related to any aspect of the Eastern Canadian Championships. This committee shall not consider a protest or grievance based upon a referee’s judgement call. Disciplinary matters shall be handled in accordance with:

21.2.1.Deliberation Procedure The Protest/Grievance is received in writing and in the time frame specified. The head coach (or a team representative if the Head Coach is not available) of the non-filing team is advised of the Protest/Grievance immediately upon receipt of same. The Protest and Grievance Committee meets as soon as possible and, it at all possible, prior to the next game of each team. Any member(s) of that Committee considered by the Committee Chair to be in conflict is/are to be excused from the Committee and replaced by individual(s) suitable to the Committee Chair. The Officiating Supervisor (if in attendance at the game in question), on-ice officials and Minor Officials (as necessary) are interviewed independently. One representative from each of the filing and non-filing teams is permitted to independently address the Protest and Grievance Committee. The decision reached by the Protest and Grievance Committee is immediately communicated to the teams involved by the Committee Chair.

21.2.2. Further Policies Any procedures or circumstances that are not clearly laid out will be determined by representatives of the participating provincial organizations. Requests for exceptions or clarifications are to be sent to each of the participating provinces. Each province, even the one submitting the request, is entitled to one (1) vote. To be accepted a majority of the votes must be in favour of the request. The use of possession of alcoholic beverages and non-prescription drugs while in attendance at competition or ceremonial functions is prohibited. Vandalism and Personal Misconduct - malicious damage to accommodation sites, competition sites, transportation vehicles, or personal misconduct causing harassment to officials, participants or audience will not be tolerated. In all cases, damage to property will be the responsibility of the individuals at fault. (In the case of minors, it will be the responsibility of the respective Provincial Sports Governing Body). Any misconduct of the nature mentioned above will be dealt with by   the Eastern Provinces Presidents or delegates. Results of misconduct could be one or more of the following: Disqualification from the ECRC’s for one year Further suspension by the provincial association Prosecution by law Fine




22.1. Minimum suspension guidelines published by Ringette Canada are in effect.

22.2. All Match penalty assessments based on actions as outlined in the Policy must be made known to a member of the Protest, Grievance and Discipline Committee, by the on-ice official involved via the Director of Officials (or designate), within 30 minutes of the competition of that game. Details surrounding the Match penalty assessment must also be clearly outlined in writing by the on-ice officials on the Official Game Report.

22.3. The Protest, Grievance and Discipline Committee shall meet to determine the game suspension of the individual(s) involved. This meeting shall take place as soon as possible upon receipt of notice of the Match penalty assessment and, if possible, prior to the next game of the team(s) involved.

22.4. In their deliberations, this Committee may interview any or all the following: the on-ice officials, the player(s)/team staff involved, the Officiating Supervisor at that game (if applicable), and, any others whose input the Committee views would be of value.


23.   LOGO

23.1. The host province is responsible for creating a logo for the ECRC’s for that year.  The logo must contain the following information:

23.1.1. The event name both in English and French Eastern Canadian Ringette Championships Championnats de Ringuette de l’Est du Canada

23.1.2 The event city

23.1.3. The event year



24.1. A Skills Competition will be held for the U14, U16 and U19 divisions.



25.1. All uniforms shall be of a design, which, conforms to the Ringette Canada Official Rules.

25.2. All uniforms numbers will coincide with Team Roster forms. Each player shall have individual numbers and there shall be no duplication of numbers.

25.3. Provincial representative teams will wear their provincial on-ice team uniform.

25.4. Any team that does not conform to the requirements regarding team colours will not be allowed to participate in the Eastern Canadian Championships.

25.5. Host teams and any team that is not a provincial representative team will be allowed to wear their home team colours.  All players at the Eastern Canadian Championships, except for the goalkeepers, must wear a full-length pant.

25.6. Sponsorship advertising appearing on team uniforms will be at the discretion of the provincial association.


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